Review – Transformers Till All Are One #2

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Transformers till all are one 2

Review – Transformers Till All Are One #2
Writer: Mairghread Scott
Art: Sara Pitre-Durocher
Colours: Priscilla Tramontano
Letters: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

Last issue we watched Starscream slowly begin to crack again under the pressure of being the leader of Cybertron whilst worrying about the location of an old ex ally of his. Windblade and Ironhide try to uncover the truth but are forced into action as an innocent Decepticon is gunned down by a member of the badgeless.

Scott wasted no time in jumping into the action last issue and this issue the intrigue goes even further and in an unexpected direction. Few have written Starscream so well, his interactions with dead/not dead Bumblebee as he struggles with his grip on his sanity actually feels like it may be reaching breaking point. Paranoid yet over confident he is perhaps one of the best written characters in the book second only to Windblade of course. It was a little disheartening last issue to see Windblade take more of a support role but this changes in the first few pages of the book bringing back the conflicted but noble heroine. The Combaticons are also surprisingly well developed in a way that we actually feel for them a little.

Sara Pitre-Durocher brings her highly emotive art style to the book as she did in the Windblade combiner wars books and it is the better for it. Sporting a much rounder and organic look with over exaggerated facial expressions gives the book more of an emotional impact. This is especially important considering a large group of the featured Transformers don’t have mouths and rely completely on body language and their eyes. My only complaint is that it can be hard to tell some of the Combaticons apart, this isn’t really the artist’s fault but more for how these robots had been designed originally.

Tramontano brings her vibrant colours bringing to life the book and breathing souls into each of the Transformer factions we are presented with. There is something almost hypnotic with the hue used for Starscream’s eyes, far more than the rest his eyes seem to be shining out of the page! There is a lot of cleaver colour blending used on each of the Transformers to create a depth and sense of light which is used to magnificent effect.

The book itself is considered and event and will likely bring about a change to the status quo that we have had since Starscream had himself elected to power, however even taken on its own merits the book is a fun tale of mystery and suspense. I suspect many of the answers that have eluded us since the Combiner Wars event are about to surface and im glad its due to happen in such a character driven book.

Transformers Till All Are One #2

Transformers Till All Are One #2








        • Compelling story
        • Juicy secrets
        • Emotional character centric story telling


        • Too much still being kept from the reader
        • Confusing for new readers
        • Decepti....cons?