Review – Transformers Till All Are One 4

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Transformers till all are one 4

Writer: Mairghread Scott
Art: Sara Pitre-Durocher
Colours: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

Things start to go South quickly as the Combaticons locate the still brain dead body of Swindle and combine with him to become Bruticus! Completely out of control and feeding off of the Combaticons anger it attempts to find answers. Windblade and Chromia try to figure a way to escape Starscream’s clutches and Ironhide has a difficult choice to make.

Scott does something I haven’t seen her do in some time this issue, the entire book is a fast paced action sequence that literally forces the reader through at breakneck speed. The majority of the issue focuses on the sequence of events following the formation of the combiner Bruticus but we do get a little narrative between Windblade and Chromia that looks like it will have repercussions later in the series.

Sara Pitre-Durocher uses her unique skills once again to bring us a truly kinetic battle with chaos and destruction filling the pages but as always her skill in depicting the emotions felt by our team of Transformers is what gives the sequence its impact. The action moves swiftly along and marries up perfectly with the writing to give us the feeling of a quickly escalating battle that needs to be brought to an end, every panel generating that sense of speed and urgency.

Joana Lafuente lights up every page with brightly coloured Transformers battling against eye melting explosions as Bruticus wreaks his destruction upon the city. Laser blasts sear the pages and rocket blasts fill each panel as the combiner is attacked on all fronts and truly it is a sight to behold. An excellent colourist, Lafuente can truly amplify an action sequence and make it something you won’t soon forget and given how high the stakes of this battle are we treated to a visual masterpiece in destruction.

The relationships between all of the main players in this story have shifted slightly and the effect is likely to bring about some very interesting plot points going forward. The book does follow directly on from the previous issue so readers should look to be caught up on the previous 3 issues if attempting to read this one. A great book with some serious art design that fully compliments the Transformers universe as a whole and adds weight and importance to characters that often don’t get a lot of attention in the mainline series.

Review – Transformers Till All Are One 4

Review – Transformers Till All Are One 4








        • Fantastic Artwork
        • Fast paced action


        • Not new reader friendly