Review: Trees #11

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Trees 11 cover

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard
Letterer: Fonografiks

This issue of Trees finally sees the series take a turn for the better; with this issue we explore the idea that there is a bigger plot to the Trees, something that has been left unquestioned in the series. With the Trees landing all over Earth, so far all we have seen is the characters surviving, or at least trying to survive, while the Trees alter the environment and landscape of the world.

With Doctor Greenaway travelling around Orkney in Scotland, the story has been expanding on what is behind the Trees being here on Earth. The nature of them is being explained as being parallel to unexplained stone placements around the United Kingdom. Where the story will go with this development is going to be an odd choice, will these placements be explained as beacons, or probes? Although it is a rather odd decision, it certainly is enough to keep me hooked and interested in this story arc and potentially the next.

Trees 11 interior 1

I have said this many times about this series: the story, it is a hit and miss, it is sad to say that some issues just don’t hit the mark and have been below par. The series has an amazing concept, it has been a more of a slow burn so far but as the issues keep coming there has been more good issues than bad released.

Trees 11 interior 2

Along with the new issue of Trees comes along a different look for a change. So far with the series, the look has mostly been dark and gritty which has gone hand in hand with the title. Storyline wise, this issue takes a turn for the brighter. The different choice in colour palette does nothing but help show off the incredible artwork of Jason Howard. This has been a bit of a problem as everything is a bit dull and bland so far, this helps give a breath of fresh air for the title and makes it look gorgeous instead of gritty. Hopefully this goes on for a few more issues as it is a nice change of scenery for the title.

Trees 11 interior 3