Review: Trees #9

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Trees 9 cover

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Jason Howard
Letterer: Fonografiks

Following the shocking events in the end of the first story arc of Trees, this new arc titled “Two Forests” picks up with the demise of one of the main characters after the Tree “speaking”. It is not said how long after the pages following the first few are, I would have to say not long after the explosive events, following how concerned people are at the destruction of the Blindhail Station. With the title now down a couple of it’s main characters, it is hard to say how I am going to react to this, seeing as it was eight issues into the run. If they had been killed off after several story arcs I feel I would have been a hell of a lot more emotionally invested in the characters.

Trees 9 interior 1

Also, factor in how many storylines are happening at the same time into this, and it is then you begin to realise that you barely got to see these characters. What makes this title different from a title say like The Walking Dead, which has a huge revolving cast of characters, is that the characters are part of the one “family” unit, whereas in Trees there are multiple storylines taking place at the same time all around the world. Add to that the very short buildup that brought about the demise of these characters, you could tell that something big was going to happen to some of these characters it was really easy to read – as opposed to The Walking Dead, where a zombie could spring out of shadows and munch on someone at any moment, catching you by surprise and making their departure as shocking and effective as humanly possible.

Trees 9 interior 2

The art in Trees is as weird as the story, in a good way. The design of the Trees and the black flowers associated with them is incredible, the page below has been slightly teased over several issues, with Dr. Marcus gathering and studying the black flowers that seemed to root in his body. With the Tree at the Blindhail Station “talking”, taking out the helicopter carrying the scientists to the mainland, and as brutal as it is to kill off a main character so early, you cannot deny how beautiful this scene is with the black flowers shooting out of him, almost increasing the rate of decomposition. With so little known on the whole Trees situation, and what is in store down the line, it will be interesting from a visual perspective to see what they can do and Jason Howard is on point and indeed the man best suited to bring their powers to life.

Trees 9 interior 3