Review: Trista & Holt #6

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Publisher: IF? Commix
Writer: Andrez Bergen
Artist: Andrez Bergen

IF? Commix’s brand new series based on the classic tale of Tristan and Iseult continues in Trista & Holt #6. The series follows the mounting feud of two major crime families, the Holts and the Cornwalls, in the 1970s after a series of grizzly murders on either side shocks the city. When Trista Rivalen, adviser to Marcela “Queenie” Cornwall, is brought in to investigate the deaths she and the young Isidur Holt become entangled in the gang violence sweeping the city. Told from the point of view of both protagonists this series continues to deliver a fresh and stylish take on the well known tale.


In the aftermath of Moore Holt’s assassination in the last issue Trista finds herself fatally wounded by his shiv and grasping onto life as swarms of police officers surround the streets. Escaping into the arms of Isidur the two fall deeply in love in that moment and the time has come for the carefree playboy to become a hero. Although alive, Trista is still in grave danger and Isidur’s rescue may have horrific consequences for them both. Up to this point Trista & Holt has held solely to it’s concept as a complex crime drama slowly crafting the seedy underbelly of the unnamed city and it’s citizens, but the plot is beginning to delve more into it’s romantic tragedy roots and now things are really going to kick off. I feel this series has been so good so far because it hasn’t directly paralleled the source material and has been able to carve it’s own story, but I have faith that even as the focus shifts towards Trista and Isidur’s romance that it will hold to the crime drama atmosphere.


Mirroring the bleak black and white noir atmosphere of the story is Bergen’s inconsistent, yet consistently great, artwork that meshes together differing styles making every single page a unique treat and a joy to gaze at every panel. Still the artwork remains the most intriguing and engaging aspect of the series.

Overall Trista & Holt #6 marks a change in direction for this great series but maintains everything that made it great in the first place. I’m excited to see where it goes next and how each character will develop with this change. It’s a brilliant and unique series and I hope it can keep it up.