Review: Trista & Holt #8

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Publisher: IF? Commix
Writer: Andrez Bergen
Artist: Andrez Bergen

The latest issue in this brilliant modern version of the classic Tristan and Iseult tale from publisher IF? Commix takes a step back from the tragically entwined lives of our titular lovers and instead the spotlight falls on Holt patriarch Isidor, father of Issy and brother of the now deceased Moore Holt. The backstory of one of the series’ most mysterious characters is finally revealed through flashbacks examining his up bringing, rise to power, and his relationship with the Cornwalls. It’s a nice change of pace for the series and gives an interesting look at a new character.


In the aftermath of Moore Holt’s death at the hands of Trista Rivalen, Trista is seriously injured and finds herself in the care of the love struck Issy Holt; heir to the Holt family and her sworn enemy. As the two take secret refuge from the warring families, Isidor Holt finds himself staring at his brother’s body lying in the morgue. This prompts Isidor to reconsider the events of his life from his prosecution in the Nazi concentration camps, to his escape to America, to his taking of a new name and establishing himself as criminal overlord. Isidor’s cold narrative guides the reader through these tragic events in the same slick manner as in the previous issues of this great series.

If you have kept up to date with this series at all and my reviews of the last seven issues you will know just how much I adore the artwork. It’s stylish, weird, beautiful, and Bergen endeavours to give every page a completely unique feel making it an absolute joy to gaze at each panel. The story is good, the characters are great, but it’s the artwork that is the real highlight of Trista & Holt.


Over the past few issues the story has noticeably slowed down after the death of Moore Holt and, although it is enjoyable to learn more about the main characters, I hope the series will get back on track with the tragic love story and family feud just to have a more obvious direction. That is the first gripe I have had so far and I suppose that says something about the quality of this series.

I’ve loved this series from the very start and it continues to be a beautiful, gripping, and unique story.