Review: Vessels #1

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Created and Written: Dave Cook

Art: Rafael Desquitado Jr.

Colours: Dennis Lehmann

Letters: Garrett Gunn

Creating a comic book was never going to be easy but there are a brave few out there that just have to put themselves through the stress and financial struggles to get their stories onto the comic racks and thanks to the rise of Kickstarter projects, some of these hopefuls have an opportunity to show the world what they have in plan, and if the world likes, it gets backed.

One such creator is Dave Cook, now a kick starter aficionado with a few successful projects behind him, quite an achievement when you consider how many fail at the first hurdle. His newest creation Vessels has just hit a few select stores and is available from Comichaus, which at £4 is a little more than the usual cover price but you are certainly getting your monies worth as this is a bumper sized issue, hitting 42 pages cover to cover and with no adverts, that equates to a lot of extra content that you would not get from your regular comics pull as it is all story aside from a few character references and the obligatory thank-yous.

Initially set in the fantasy land of Cairnthala we find our hero Wake as she is chased down by slavers from the local city of Stratum, but those that are wishing her ill will her may well lose their only hope in saving their city as Wake has an inexplicable link to the “Eye-God”, a giant ball of red fire that hovers above their town that at any moment can decimate them all. Moving along at a swift pace, the story introduces us to the many fantastical elements of this new world in a way that, credit to Dave Cook makes it feel natural and not laboured in the slightest whilst also managing to add an interesting cast that includes the suitably foul mouthed thief Marillon. This first issue manages to introduce so much but is so well written you are instantly committed to these new adventures and with a good few unexpected surprises thrown in plus an exciting rouge’s gallery appearing at the end, be sure to pick up this hot copy of Vessels #1.

Story aside and the quality still holds out in terms of the art team with Rafael Desquitado Jr. and Dennis Lehmann knocking out some great panels, the first page especially with just so much depth and attention that sets the dark, foreboding tone perfectly right through to the last page; here we have a great team that compliments each other perfectly.

The creative team as a whole have forged an original and exciting comic book in Vessels that has a lot to offer in future instalments so please do not be put off by the lack of a known publisher like Boom or Dynamite Entertainment, Vessels has a quality to it that places it amongst the big hitters.

Vessels #1

Vessels #1








        • Bumper sized first issue
        • Exciting new and original tale
        • Dark fantasy visuals


        • Small publisher may make you overlook this title