Review: Violent Love #1

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writers: Frank J. Barbiere
Artist: Victor Santos
Design: Dylan Todd

Violent Love debuts with a double issue that tells the tale of Daisy Jane. The story opens with Penny, a regular teenager, visiting the home of an old man, Mr. Lou. Mr. Lou, an old law man, proudly displays a wanted poster for the criminals Rock Bradley and Daisy Jane. Penny asks him about it and he begins to tell her the story of the infamous criminal duo, reminding her not all stories have a happy ending.

The comic flashes us back to 1969, where Daisy Jane is just a small town diner waitress… who regularly gets in trouble for putting the sexual harassing patrons in their deserved place. She’s feisty and lively. After getting in trouble for her newest incident, her father (and only caretaker) tells her sometimes we have to do the things we feel beneath us if we want to work our way up in the world. Meanwhile, a stranger is being tortured in a nearby butcher shop by a gangster named “Johnny Nails.”

Daisy Jane aims to go to college but believes it’s ultimately just a pipe dream. Her father encourages her, though, and tells her she can do anything as long as she puts in the work and rides it out. Daisy Jane is accepted into college and all is right with the world. But one event is all it takes to change a happy story. Hoping to celebrate with her dad, Daisy Jane goes to her father’s auto shop to learn just how much her father believes in his advice of doing things “beneath you” to make your way in the world. Consequently, the gangster Johnny Nails is involved.

After some heartbreak, some betrayal, and some old fashioned murder, we have a broken woman burning with rage and hatred. As a result, we have a young woman with her hinges completely loose. Violent Love issue #1 leaves us there, though. We don’t get to learn about Rock Bradley or how he came to be with Daisy Jane just yet.

I love this story already. It’s raw and passionate and fun in that morbid comic book way. The art style is eye catching and really fits to the story. I usually say in my reviews that issue #1’s leave me curious for more. Violent Love‘s issue #1 has made me excited for more. I already love Daisy Jane and need to see how she meets her infamous other criminal half. How does the old law man, Mr. Lou, who claims the criminal duo “saved his life” going to fit into the story. I’m not just curious to know this information; I actually want to know this information.

All in all, I actually really like this comic. It’s quite a great first issue. If you’re an Image fan, a sucker for tragedy, like some romance every now and again, or maybe all three, I think Violent Love may be a story you want to give attention to.

Violent Love #1

Violent Love #1








        • Daisy Jane is an immediately interesting character
        • Raw ending leaves you desperate for more
        • Art style is quirky and charming just likes its characters


        • Lacking one necessary half of the story, which isn't so good considering it's a double issue