Review: Wart #2

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Wart #2

Wart #2

Written by Chris Welsh
Artwork by Amar Al-Chalabi

Reading Wart #2 by Welsh and Al-Calabi makes me feel like I have been thrown into a Lovecraft tale illustrated by the Cartoon Network animation team. I read the first two issues back to back and thoroughly enjoyed them… so much so it was hard to put together my thoughts on the comic past ‘WOO THAT WAS GREAT!’

So, here is me trying to be a bit more subjective!

Welsh delivers a well paced and light hearted in tone story for one with such a dark subject matter. The darkness is not lost in this however, simply made more accessible. Wart follows our protagonist which the comic is named for. He is pulled from what he perceives to be his own reality into the depths of his pond where he finds himself on the edge of madness.

Though in the first few panels of #2 there is a lot of boring white backgrounds, this is because Wart is currently hanging out with some weird inter-dimensional robed dudes that have pulled him into what can only be described as nothingness or limbo.


Not to worry, he soon comes crashing back into what we assume is reality where he is locked away in an asylum. He is convinced this used to be his home and he is a lazy inheritor of wealth, but in this altered reality it is a madhouse.

Not only that, but he is so often pulled into other realities and shaken by vivid nightmares we have to wonder just which realities are the real ones. The sinister Doctor certainly seems keen to know more about the writings in the book the ancient ones keep trying to get Wart to translate. Still he tells Wart it is not real, and merely a symptom of his insanity.










If you are still with me here, poor Wart seems to be a pawn in so many group’s agendas and has little idea of why or what is going on, only that it really is testing his sanity. Robed figures, ancient unmentionables from the deep, cryptic ghostly figures, the asylum, all we know is he is some kind of chosen one – or at least everyone thinks he is. Or he is mad.

Al-Chalabi’s Panel layouts are wonderful, the way they transcend from one realm to the next is clever and visually pleasing. The characters are consistent in likeness and it is dark and crazy whilst keeping a cartoony and amusing feel, a truly symbiotic blend of writer and artist. I love the immense feeling that they achieve together creating a comic that takes you through the universe, the corners of consciousness, insanity and have you hooked like a wee fish being drawn deeper into their dark little tale, ever hoping that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t one of those creepy deep sea lantern fish.

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