Review: Wayward #17

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Wayward #17

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jim Zub
Art, Cover: Steven Cummings
Colours: Tamra Bonvillain with Brittany Peer
Lettering: Marshall Dillon
Alternate cover: Sana Takeda

Issue #16 of Wayward brought us to Ireland, where Dermot Lane – Rori’s father – teleported his daughter and her friend Ayane. In part of it, we also saw how Dermot met and started dating Hashimoto Sanae, Rori’s mother. But it concluded with a surprise: while Dermot was in the woods having a conversation (in Gaelic) with some creature he raised, Rori seemed engrossed in a… well, she seemed to be ready to get intimate with a (male) fairy. Meanwhile, Ayane discovered that the Irish cats aren’t exactly as friendly to her as those in Japan.


Issue #17 opens again with a flashback on the start of the relationship between Rori’s parents. Then we cut back… to Japan, where the battle between the Japanese Defence Force (pretty much the military), led by the treacherous Yokai Nurarihyon, and Rori’s friends and team mates is still raging.

I don’t think it’s a spoiler if I write that most of this issue revolves around the facts in Japan, so much so that the usual article about less known local customs is back in Zack Davisson’s hands (if you like what and how he writes, by the way, now you can read his book Yurei: The Japanese Ghost); I won’t specify what it’s about, though, because that would be a spoiler. Of sorts.


The members of Rori’s group left in Tokyo get centre stage in this issue, and their personalities are once again perfectly developed. We actually find out things we didn’t know or expect about some of them.

The art of Wayward is always top notch: every character and every environment, from the sweeping green fields of Ireland to dingy pubs, acquire a special depth in the hands of artist Steven Cummings and colourist Tamra Bonvillain.

This is a transitional issue, but there still are several astonishing reveals… and a few nice surprises. It’s definitely worth a read. Like all other issues of Wayward.

Wayward 17

Wayward 17








        • Great character development
        • Amazing art
        • Extreme care for details


        • Transitional issue
        • Things left suspended from the previous issue are not resolved