Review: Wayward #7

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jim Zub
Art, Cover: Steve Cummings
Colours: Tamra Bonvillain
Lettering: Marshall Dillon
Alternate cover: Sie Nanahara

Issue #6 of Wayward opened a new story arc, focused on Ohara Emi, a very respectful girl who realises she has some extraordinary powers after seeing a ghostly figure: it was Rori Lane, the main character in the first arc who, along with her friend and ally Shirai, is presumed dead. Was it a ghost or something else?

Immediately after, Ohara is assaulted by some supernatural being only to be rescued by Ayane, the cat-girl who helped Rori in the earlier issues. Ayane then invites the puzzled girl to join her in her fight against… against what?


While, at the start of this seventh issue, Ohara struggles to keep up appearances with her family, we see some demons gathered to discuss the actions of Nurarihyon, the creature who murdered Rori’s mother – and, probably, Rori herself.

The events in this issue seem to be setting us up for some big action, although at the moment, on the surface, there doesn’t seem to be too much going on except for some demon-bashing. In the background, however, the wheels are moving…


The art is, as always, one of the strong points of this already brilliant series. Every character, every object, every frame has been brilliantly drawn, inked and coloured (at the end of this issue we even find a page in which colourist Tamra Bonvillain tells us how she works on a panel).

Another bonus that we get here is the article by the brilliant Zack Davisson, explaining us some aspects of the Japanese culture that we saw in the issue but that may be slightly obscure to those who don’t know Japan: those articles were not published in the trade paperback edition of the first story arc, so I’d advise those who are really interested in understanding in depth what’s happening on Wayward to buy the single issues rather than wait for the trade.

I honestly can’t imagine where this arc is going – but this issue (like the previous) makes me want to be in for the ride. Jump on!