Review: Winterworld – La Nina

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Winterworld V1

Published by IDW Publishing

Written by Chuck Dixon

Illustrated by Butch Guice

Coloured by Diego Rodriguez

Lettered by Robbie Robbins and Tom B. Long

Covers by Butch Guice and Diego Rodriguez

Edited by David Hedgecock

The first collection of Chuck Dixon and Jackson “Butch” Guice’s (possibly the two most macho names in US comics) cinematic drama Winterworld has no patience for those who wish to have their hands held.  It cares not if you need to know why the world is covered in ice.  Doesn’t give a damn if you feel the need to know what brought about this global ice age.  It’s central characters don’t know so why should you have the upper hand?

The work done in the opening few pages by artist Butch Guice is worthy of one of Hollywood’s best cinematographers.  A lone figure running for all they are worth across a seemingly endless expanse of ice.  From what we do not know.  A bell is around their neck.  Why is a mystery also.  All we have for company is the chiming of this unusual jewellery and Chuck Dixon’s words.  An internal monologue that in just ten very short sentences tells us all that we need to know to understand what kind of a world this desolate setting presents.

There are not many AAA characters Guice and Dixon have not worked on between them and it is with the confidence of industry giants that they approach their newest creation.  Much like the resources available to their worlds inhabitants the details are sparing and so it is with a similar need for this figure to drive forwards for survival we find ourselves plunging onwards in search of the answers kept tantalisingly at a distance just over the horizon.

Originally published by Eclipse comics back in the late 80’s  IDW is the new home for all new tales of humanities desperate struggle for survival in this sub-zero world of desperation and our lone figure is Wynn a teenage girl who is being aided in her search for her parents by her friend Scully.  The very archetype of the post apocalyptic survivor Scully could sit at any bar elbow to elbow with the Road Warrior, Eli or any number of other wasteland-walking, tough talking, “loners” all too decent to turn their backs on a lady in distress.  Oh and they have a badger Rah-Rah too.  No really.  A badger.

If that sounds tired or well worn then think again for, once more, with a sparsity of detail as to how this trio of unlikely travellers came to be on the same path or how they came to be separated in the books opening pages they are compelling company.  Driving ever onwards, with the mantra of you keep moving or you die, their journey into the snowy distance is sure to please.  With the odd clue here or there to suggest more is going on here than one would expect from a standard tale of life after Armageddon La Nina collects the first four issues of IDW’s ongoing series and once sampled is sure to find its way onto your monthly pull list.

Available from the 17th of December Winterworld – La Nina is a terrific re-awakening and it is no surprise at all to find Winterworld was optioned by Microsoft for development for a TV show for their now unfortunately defunct X-Box TV project.  Hopefully it can find a new home soon as would be a perfect fit alongside the likes of AMC’s The Waking Dead.

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