Review: Wytches #4

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Wytches #4 cover

Publisher: Image Comics
Story: Scott Snyder
Illustration: Jock
Colours:  Matt Hollingsworth

In Wytches #4, Scott Snyder (Batman, The Wake) delivers another creepy chapter as Sailor Rooks remains missing.  This issue seems a bit rushed as both Jock’s art has less polish compared to earlier instalments, and the pacing of story seems a little off.  But, Snyder slightly off his game is better than most comic book authors at their peak.

Wytches #4 begins with Sailor’s parents, Charlie and Lucy, investigating a wound on Charlie’s stomach.  Charlie swears that the wound contained a cryptic message – the word “Here” – that he asserts is a clue directing him to Sailor’s location.  He believes that the message means that she is trapped on the Here Coast.  Lucy is more skeptical about Charlie’s encounters in recent issues and believes Sailor is simply depressed, rather than “pledged” to some supernatural entity.

Wytches 4 selection

Readers get some sense of the reasons that Lucy questions Charlie, and that her reluctance goes beyond simple rational scepticism.  The issue flashes back to September 20, 2011, when Charlie climbed on an amusement park ride and became intoxicated.  He drunkenly encouraged Sailor to follow suit and climb the merry-go-round as well.  This section of the issue provides some context for Charlie’s history of depression.

Meanwhile, readers learn that Sailor is trapped in a tunnel that is filled with children’s clothing.  It is an exciting issue as Sailor struggles to rescue herself, and Charlie seeks out any clues to her disappearance at the Here Coast.  Without revealing too much, the issue provides the most clues as to the nature of the Wytches to date.  Readers of this series already know not to expect flying broomsticks or pointy noses, and will begin to get some hint as to the nature of the creatures by the close of the issue.

Wytches #4 ends with an unexpected twist that will have readers anxiously looking forward to next month.  While the art and story seemed a bit hurried, Wytches remains a series that ought be on the pull list of fans of Scott Snyder’s mainstream work, or any fan of horror comics.