Review: The X-Files Annual 2016

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The X-Files Annual 2016: Illegal Aliens

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Andrew Aydin

Artist: Greg Scott

Colorist: Wes Daioba

Cover: Carlos Valenzuela

Letterer: Dezi Sienty

The X-Files Annual 2016

The X-Files Annual 2016 is the latest installment of the fantastic X-Files series by IDW Publishing. It is a self-contained story. In other words, familiarity with the whole comic series is not necessary to enjoy it. Though it would help if you’re at least familiar with the TV show from Fox. There is a couple of easter eggs for long time fans as well.

The cover of X-Files Annual 2016 by Carlos Valenzuela is awesome! It is beautifully drawn and brilliantly colored. I was particularly impressed with Carlos Valenzuela’s portrayal of Dana Scully. It was spot on! The image looks exactly like Gillian Anderson. Every detail was perfect.

The X-Files Annual 2016

The angle usage in the panels of The X-Files Annual 2016, chosen by artist Greg Scott, were nice and flowing. They added to the story like good cinematography in a movie. Greg Scott’s portrayal of characters old and new was warm and inviting. This is complemented by the nice usage of shading and dimension with the inks. The coloring by Wes Daioba definitely added to the atmosphere. It was subtle. But effective. Greg Scott and Wes Daioba make a good team.

The X-Files Annual 2016

The story in X-Files Annual 2016 by Andrew Aydin is well paced and intriguing. It is a real page turner. Especially towards the end. There is a good and true dialogue flow to the comic. Andrew Aydin is clearly a fan of the TV show himself and his work reflects this fact. This story, Illegal Aliens, is aided in its delivery by the font choice and good and consistent lettering of Dezi Sienty. Andrew Aydin’s use of old familiar characters is great. They are pure and true to the source material. Thus is X-Files Annual 2016 written just like an episode of the show. This makes reading this comic fun. Especially for long time fans of the show who will appreciate Aydin’s casual references to it.

The X-Files Annual 2016

Agents Mulder and Scully are given a missing persons case involving an old friend. Eric Hosteen, a Native American from New Mexico. A character X-Files fans will recognize from season 3 of the TV show. Eric’s son, Albert “Al” Hosteen, likes to wander in the desert as his father once did. But he always comes home. Thus, when he didn’t come back, his father went looking for him. But Eric Hosteen could not find his son. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are the only FBI agents that Eric Hosteen trusts. He needs their help to find his son. But there is more going on than anyone has bargained for. Agent Mulder might just get the big, complex conspiracy theory he is looking for.
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The X-Files Annual 2016

The X-Files Annual 2016








        • Awesome cover art
        • Warm and inviting interior art and story
        • Just like a good episode of the TV show
        • Nice Easter eggs
        • Great ending


        • The price is a little high
        • The subscription cover is just a photo. No art.