Review:The Violent #2

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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer:  Ed Brisson
Art and Letterer: Adam Gorham
Colours: Michael Garland

The Violent #2 picks up a few days after where the first left off and things aren’t looking great for Mason, the former drug addict turned father and wife, and his family. The first issue set up the world and the characters but this one introduced the longer mystery very well.  It also introduces some new characters who are pretty interesting, like Becky’s mother who gives us some background on Becky along with a police officer who remains unnamed but seems concerned for Kaitlyn (Mason’s daughter). The issue starts to delve into darker territory as well. Brisson delivers again in this issue by setting up an intriguing mystery for the protagonist which I can’t wait to see the pay off for. Mason continues to be a sympathetic protagonist but he starts down a dark path which might have some consequences for him and the life he’s tried to build for himself and his family. It creates a tense atmosphere that I hope can be maintained throughout the rest of the story.

The art is wonderful  and its grungy/noirish aesthetic works beautifully with the writing and themes of the story. Gorham’s use of shadows and really well-drawn angry faces are fantastic for this dark and violent chapter. His lettering in the scene with the dog, in particular, does a great job of conveying of frenzied craziness that seems to have taken over Mason’s life recently.The colouring is fantastic as well and Garland’s use of oranges and blues, in particular, stands out. The whites of Becky’s mother’s apartment contrast particularly well with the darks in Joel’s apartment.

Overall, this is another really strong chapter in this crime series and I can’t wait to see where Brisson, Gorham and Garland go with this story next.