REVIEW: Revolution #3

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Publisher: IDW

Story: John Barber and Cullen Bunn

Art : Fico Ossio

Colors: Sebastion Cheng

Letters: Tom B. Long

Edited: David Hedgecock

Editor – in – Chief: Chris Ryall

Publisher: Ted Adams


Revolution #3

Revolution #3: The Micronauts are here!!

In Revolution #3 the starting guns have been truly fired. With The Micronauts transporting over to our universe to save their own all the players have entered the battlefield. Also we finally discover the cause behind the exploding Ore 13. As well as the risk and benefits it hold for both

Further building on the two previous issues of Revolution we find that The Transformers and Rom have joined forces. Often Rom seems to have hidden depths. As well as more than a little internal darkness which if we recall Rom’s appearance in the first issue is more than a little disconcerting. Especially considering the power Rom holds, being able to take down Optimus Prime and more than a few Joes. The relationship of The Transformers to Rom comes across as a big brother, little brother scenario. With The Transformers having made more than a few mistakes of their own they attempt to lead Rom down a better path, sometimes with a firm hand.

The more conventional alliance is that between The G.I. Joes and M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armed Strike Kommand).  Most members of these teams have dubious moral intentions. Only Matt Trakker has emerged as the moral compass questioning the view the others have taken of The Transformers.

With over twenty individual characters and four separate teams it’s surprising how well this mini-series holds together. Often I find that with the more characters a writer adds the more the main story becomes lost. Often losing focus as the writer attempts to explore the back story of a given character. John Barber and Cullen Bunn navigate around this concern in expert fashion by highlighting the use of a few key characters, such as Rom, Baron Karza and Scarlett. Scarlett seems to retain a significant importance as she acts as something of an anchor across all three issues of Revolution thus far. While at the same time I didn’t feel that other characters where being ignored. But as is the case I feel with The Transformers in Revolution #3 particularly they are left to operate as a team unit.

 Revolution begins to make its way across all IDW, Hasbro individual titles, with G.I. Joe: Revolution #1 and Transformers: Till All Are One: Revolution #1 also out this month. We can dig deeper into our own favourite characters from the Revolution series. These other issues are something which John Barber and Cullen Bunn are not afraid to point out within Revolution #3. While I don’t feel these other issues are necessary to the overall story within Revolution, as it’s strong enough to stand alone. Personally I love collecting an entire series and all related issues. Both because from past experience they often add to the journey and also allow for a greater understanding of the characters within.

Revolution # 3

Revolution # 3








        • Story hold up well
        • Good use of characters
        • Fun to read
        • Art continues to be strong


        • Was a little slow at the sart
        • Some characters could have been used more