Review: Sirens #1

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Sirens #1

Boom! Comics

Written, Illustrated and Created by George Pérez

Colours by Leonardo  Paciarotti

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

George Pérez ‘s Sirens hits comic book stores across the country today, an intergalactic, time hopping female led sic-fi adventure from the man who has been been a big player at the big two for years finally has a swing at creating his own world in this 6 issue mini series from Boom comics. After being in the comic book industry for over 30 years gathering a wealth of knowledge and love from comic book readers over those years Pérez is looking to hone that knowledge and experience bring to life something that you can tell is very close to his heart.

Sirens issue one is sadly a mixed bag of a comic book, there are certain elements to it that are enjoyable, the transitions between dimensions are all very well done, they are done in a way that keeps you on your toes that you are never 100% sure where the book is going to go. But sadly this is also a problem that the book has, on a couple of  occasions I found myself lost and not in a good way. There are times that a page can capture you and you just end up staring at it or a great line or a shocking moment can have you rereading the page over and over again sadly I didn’t think Sirens had any of them. I felt that the book jumped about too much, I realise that Pérez had an end goal for the end of this issue that the characters have to be at a certain place but he could have slowed it down. Given us time to realise which characters were even which and that they were even different people.

It’s not that Sirens is a bad book, I just didn’t find myself interested. I know that sounds bad and maybe it is and there were moments I did like. The 1884 section in particular was a personal favourite. Maybe it’s because the old west has recently become a popular place for comics but I found myself greatly enjoying Miss Bishop in her alternative 1884.

The biggest letdown for Sirens is the artwork, I was not a fan of this artwork. It lacked, well sadly everything for me. At one moment I did recall a cartoon show from my childhood Bucky O’Hare, unfortunately for Sirens this just lead me to singing the theme song from said cartoon.

Maybe Sirens one saving grace is that I don’t know George Pérez’s work well, maybe I’m missing something that his fans will shout at me for. And if you do think I’m wrong please tell me, tell me what you like about this issue, it’s not that I hated it and will never read Pérez’s work again I just think that the components for this are sadly lacking.