Square show off Final Fantasy VII remake

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Final Fantasy VII

If you ask the majority of RPG fans out there what their favourite rpg is the chances are they will tell you its Final Fantasy VII, the classic PS1 RPG from publisher Squaresoft that effectively made the genre explode in the West. Square famously released a tech demo of the intro of the game all re-done up back when the PS3 was about to launch and got fans all excited over nothing. Square-Enix (as they are now known) have since decided to actually do the work needed to bring the seminal 1997 classic onto modern platforms with modern graphics and today we finally got a trailer with some substance and more importantly, gameplay!

The graphics have been prettied up to bring the original cast closer to how they look in the 2005 movie sequel Advent Children so the charming but dated super deformed models are now gone replaced by how we all thought they looked back when we originally played it. Controversially they have switched the game from a turn based rpg into a more action based game using a similar combat engine to that found in Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, whether that’s a good move or not will no doubt be a hot topic for conversation in the months to come.

Have a gander at the footage below and let us know what you think, should they have just touched up the graphics and left the systems alone? Should they have not bothered at all knowing the impending poop storm they will encounter if they get it wrong?


For those of us who either cant wait for the new game or are disgusted by the direction the remake is going in, fear not, the PC port of the original game is set to be launched on PSN later today so you can play it as it was intended.