Does Supergirl push the DC TV Universe too far?

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While on the surface a shared universe seems like an amazing idea, after all fans like nothing more than seeing their favourite character team up or clash with another iconic character from the same universe, as evident by the reactions to the upcoming Zach Snyder epic Batman vs Superman. While a shared universe is great for films, as Marvel’s Avengers proved hands down, does it really work as well for TV and is it good thing overall but does it need to stay within certain limits?

In the last day or so(October 26th ’14) it was announced very unofficially on many websites that the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS may in fact be based in the same universe as the newly formed Arrow/Flash DC TV world. At the moment this is entirely a theoretical scenario based on rumours but there is some logical reasoning behind it.


Greg Berlanti, the man behind Arrow and The Flash, is also going to be the man behind the Supergirl TV series. This alone is not in any way an indication of confirmation but when you combine it with the fact he was seen working with the costume designer Colleen Atwood, the woman behind both the Arrow and Flash costumes who could easily design a Supergirl costume that would fit in with that world. Also there is the fact that CBS is co-owner of the CW(Arrow&TheFlash), along with Warner Brothers, these 3 things mean nothing alone but when put together do give a somewhat compelling argument that it may be more than just rumours, however the point of this article isn’t to speculate on whether or not it will happen but rather should it?

The main problem with a shared universe, be it TV or movie, is once it’s been established that these characters are all exist and around at the same time it stays in your head, the best example of this is Iron Man 3.

iron-man-3                                                              Iron man 3 AKA where were S.H.I.E.L.D?!

During Iron man 3 it will have crossed many minds to ask where exactly the other avengers, or even S.H.I.E.L.D were(and given how giant we see them to be in Captain America 3, the fact they aren’t in Iron man 3 when you watch it back is just plain weird) and this is the problem with having a shared universe, whilst it is great to have the big team ups and crossovers when they go their separate ways the writers not only have to think up great stories but ones that wouldn’t involve other heroes and weren’t on a scale that it would just be questionable for them not to show up. This ties the writers hands a lot more than if it was just a solo show they were writing with no attachments and could just focus on their title character.

This brings us to back the main question of whether or not Supergirl should exist in the arrow/flash universe and personally I do not think she should. (Very slight spoilers for Arrow/Flash coming up so if you haven’t seen season 2 of Arrow and the start of The Flash yet you’ve been warned) Currently Arrow and The Flash have managed to obtain a great balance. Arrow is grounded in realism and he generally sticks to fighting regular humans, with a few exceptions namely the enhanced mirakuru soldiers and Deathstroke, whilst The Flash fights super powered beings. The other thing that balances out the Arrow/Flash world is that currently The Flash is limited to around 800mph and with Starling City located 600 miles from Central City, even if the arrow encountered a super powered being The Flash can’t just be there in an instant to save him given it would currently take him almost an hour to get there. This gives the 2 shows the ability to combine when needed, amazingly if the crossover trailer is any indication, but to be almost totally separate to do their own stories. The introduction of Supergirl however would not work with the same dynamic and would force it to change.

Supergirl, like her cousin, is just too over powered, you have to assume that she will be powered up from the get-go, including flight, otherwise we would just be looking at a female reboot of Smallville. This means that any time the Arrow or the Flash were facing a very powerful enemy or a city scale destruction event you would be immediately be wondering why on earth Supergirl didn’t show up to save the day. It would take some very creative writing on all 3 shows to try and make it work and this may possibly ruin what Arrow and The Flash have built, on the flip side it may improve the universe and really would be the start of a TV justice league but Personally I just don’t think it could work. There has to be a limit, that I think that limit would just be pushed too far with the introduction of such an immensely powerful character into that world, so while I look forward to the Supergirl TV show I would like it to be its own entity. 

supergirl2                                             Don’t be sad Supergirl, you’re just too powerful for them

What are your thoughts, is an ever expanding DC TV universe a good thing? Should Supergirl be put in that Universe? Let us know your thoughts.