Supergirl TV series to be part of the DC Cinematic Universe?

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 Could Supergirl be part of the DCCU?


It seems that we may be seeing a Superman sort of appearing in the CBS Supergirl show. The casting call went out recently looking for someone:

“5 foot 11′ or taller, square jawed and wielding a ripped physique to serve as a body double for a DC superhero.”

Now while this could have been anyone, given that almost every superhero fits that description for some reason the shows producers asked anyone replying to the casting call to put “SUPERMAN” in the email subject line. Now this could be a ploy to get us thinking that we will be seeing a Superman but honestly I don’t give the producers that much credit it is more than likely it is exactly how it looks.


The use of the words “body double” suggests that this Superman will not even be a minor part of the show but more someone we will merely see in the background. This has led to the internet saying that Henry Cavil has been recast and we will be seeing a new Superman appear for the small screen, but will we?

Given that CBS have not yet decided whether or not Supergirl should exist in the Arrowverse, which would be a deciding factor in this theory as we know officially that they are separate TV and movie universes, may suggest that they are keeping it for something else, like the DCCU perhaps?

Along with the no current Arrowverse connection if you look all the castings we’ve seen so far, it actually does suggest that Supergirl could be tieing in with the DC cinematic universe.

  • Jimmy Olsen is in Supergirl but Jenny Olsen is in the DCCU. They also have different jobs in the show and DCCU and could be cousins or some other tie in.
  • Laura Benanti was cast as Kara’s Kryptonian mother, this doesn’t particularly have any impact on the DCCU as in both Krypton has to have been destroyed so we must only see her in flashback’s/some sort of Jor-El type hologram.
  • Cat Grant was announced to be part of the show, we’re not 100% sure in which city Supergirl will be based so Cat Grant being a Daily Planet reporter could easily be explained to be in Supergirl’s town as the destruction of Metropolis being too much for her and she needed a change of city.

So thus far all the castings we have heard about Supergirl don’t actually impact on the DCCU, which bodes well for the theory that it could in fact be set in the DC cinematic universe.

Going back to the fact that they are “looking for a new Superman” the thing is, they aren’t. They want a body double, not even an actor, suggesting all that we will see of Superman is him from a distance, blurred in the background, on the news, etc. This could easily mean while they obviously can’t get Henry Cavill for the show they want to keep the idea that it is still his Superman. We also don’t know when he will be in the show, which again works for the theory as you will see.

So the biggest question now is that while we currently know that their are no character crossovers/clashes and they want a Superman but only a body double and Zach Snyder already included a Supergirl easter egg in Man of Steel, how exactly can you make Supergirl work within the DC cinematic universe?

Putting Supergirl in the DC Cinematic Universe


How to make it work? well in theory it is actually fairly easily accomplish. This is just one fan’s theory and we would love to see what you could come up with beyond the following points.

Origins: You can have the series start off a year before the events of Man of Steel and build up to it. For Kara’s origins we could see her escape from the Pod in the ship several years before the show’s first series starts, confused and alone but with a crystal like Superman’s with her mother on it, this could lead to some great flashback’s of how she integrated herself into earth society. Many of you may say that they said in Man of Steel that the Kryptonian ship had been there for thousands of years but you can always change that by creating a story that a phantom drive caused the ship to time jump backwards and Kara was sustainted by the pod.

Becoming a hero:  We assume that the series will initially run similar to the later series’ of Smallville and Kara will start to become a hero as she learns more about her abilities but sticks to the shadows, fearing risk of being an outcast or targeted by the Government.

Powers: Because Kara hasn’t been on earth since she was a baby you could say that her powers are less developed than her cousins. Some may say that the other Kryptonian’s immediately had large amount of power like Superman but this could be explained away by her still fully growing into an adult and her unstable cells give her less power, would also suit a lesser TV budget very well.

Timeline: Starting a new show is hard enough without having to worry about tieing it in with a whole other universe. This can be easily solved for the first season by having almost the entire first season happen before Man of Steel which would allow the writers to do their own stories without the pressure of having to fit it in to anything but would give them something to work towards if the season almost ends with the events of Man of Steel.

Name and costume: With this version of Supergirl we do not want a repeat of Smallville where she is never called Supergirl and we don’t see her outfit. By having her see Superman after Man of Steel and here the name we would have a base for either herself or others calling her by it. If she did emerge from the pod she was most likely wearing the undersuit that now acts as the main Superman costume. By seeing Superman and then finding out they are related she could modify it to look similar to his and have her name and costume by the end of the first series.

Benefits: DC having a TV show that could expand their universe quickly, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D does for marvel. Along with an expanded universe it would allow them a space to introduce minor or even major characters without having to wait years for movies. Having Supergirl in the DCCU would also allow the writers full access to the DC character library, not just who they are allowed to have.

So there we have a theory that Supergirl could in fact be based in the DCCU and potentially a few ways to go about doing it. What do you think about it, could it work, would it be of benefit or would you rather see Supergirl in the Arrowverse? Let us know in the comments below and always keep checking back on the Big Glasgow Comic Page for all the latest Supergirl news.

supergirlSupergirl airs sometime later this year on CBS and we can’t wait to see what they do with it.