Sword Art Online to get a US live action show

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Sword Art Online

Anime and Manga adaptations have become a bit of a hot property of late in the US with studios scrambling to get the licenses for the most popular IPs to base movies and Television shows on. Recently we have seen the likes of Ghost in the Shell and Battle Angel Alita get snapped up by Hollywood and Death Note by Netflix and now its Sword Art Online’s turn.

Skydance Television announced this week that it had obtained the global live action rights for the franchise effectively meaning that the only way you will see a non anime version of this show anywhere in the world is through this adaptation (so no Japanese/Korean and American version like we have seen with Death Note). The script is being worked on by Laeta Kalgridis who wrote Avatar and Terminator Genisys with David Ellison on board as executive producer. Marcy Ross and Dana Goldberg who submitted drafts for both live action Ghost in the Shell and Battle Angel Alita movies are also on board.

Sword Art Online tells the story of a gamer Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito ingame) who is a gamer who plays the MMO game titled Sword Art Online. Things turn sour when the game locks all of its players in the virtual world denying them the ability to logout with the added danger of dying in game causes the players body to die in real life. It’s not a new concept but it is the one that really captured the hearts and minds of a whole generation and has spawned the anime series, a feature length special and an upcoming animated movie.