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Review: Solar: Man of the Atom #12

Solar: Man of the Atom #12 Final issue! Erica, the Woman of the Atom, vs. a real-life-no-kidding super-villain! Somebody (hopefully!) will survive, because whoever wields the Solar power after the battle is the key to what comes next…

Review: Low #3

Low is a unique Sci-fi tale: Think Waterworld ala Blade Runner mixed with a family story, rated R and very emotionally rewarding to read. .Within the grim-dark future we glimpse at we find a woman- Stel Caine, bent on saving this hopeless world. At her side- Marik Caine- a corrupt “Police” officer, suicidal, drug addict and her son. Together the pair are searching in the world’s ocean depths for a macguffin to save mankind.