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BGCP Interviews: John ‘Chaos’ Alexander

John ‘Chaos’ Alexander is a small press comic artist and writer. His main series that he has been working on for a few years now is “Mimi and Auu” which has a similar style to Doctor Who but not so much for children. He also has a slightly newer comic out called “The Last Resort” […]

BGCP Interviews: Curt Sibling

Curt Sibling is a comics creator and artist who has released a few of his own comics from Pega Mega Adventures to Megaskank Mansion. His comics have a steady cult following and are almost certainly not for children! In the interview he talks to the Big Glasgow Comic Page from this years Glasgow Film and […]

BGCP Interviews: Noam Dar

“Walking in with a cardigan into the campsite, seeing people with Satan tattoo’d on their face and stuff. That was just the staff.” (Noam Dar talking about Download Festival) Noam Dar is undoubtedly one of the best young Scottish wrestlers around right now so BGCP caught up with him at Braehead’s Glasgow Film and Comic […]

BGCP Interviews: Will Simpson

James Taylor caught up with Will Simpson, storyboard artist for the hit HBO series Game of Thrones at the Glasgow Film and Comic Con at Braehead. Listen to Will talk about his experience working on Game of Thrones and how he managed to get his start with the TV show. He also quickly goes into […]