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Captain America: Civil War Spoiler-Filled Review

The Avengers are split in two in the latest instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Picking up plot threads from past ventures into the MCU, Captain America: Civil War also deals with the fallout of the destruction caused by The Avengers previous battles. After yet another conflict costs more innocent lives, the United Nations decides […]

Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Released

Drawn by Marvel’s in-house artists Ryan Meinerding & Andy Park, this art for Captain America: Civil War debuted in the pages of Total Film (Dec 2015) and it highlights the battle between Iron Man and Captain America. It also features Falcon War Machine (although they call him War Hammer) Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow and Ant-Man. You […]

Captain America: Civil War Trailer And Poster Finally Revealed!

The wait is finally over! The long awaited Captain America: Civil War trailer has finally been released! Fans have been anxiously waiting in anticipation for the next installment in Marvel’s acclaimed universe to finally have some content and that void has finally been filled. You can check out the trailer here: The trailer is definitely […]

Captain America: Civil War. Black Panther costume spotted

A behind the scenes photo from the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War has revealed a sneek peek at Boseman’s Black Panther suit. Captain America: Civil War (2016)  which is currently in production in Berlin, Germany,  reveals The Winter Soldier ( last seen in Ant-Man 2015) and The Black Panther (T’Challa) scaling the side of a building. These live-action costume unites with […]

Avengers: Infinity War To Shoot Back To Back For Almost a Year!

While we all knew that Avengers: Infinity war was going to be possibly the biggest movie event of all time but what we didn’t imagine was just how long it was going to take to film the 2 movies. Captain America Himself Chris Evans revealed recently that Avengers: Infinity War is going to shoot parts […]

Daniel Bruhl Confirms Baron Zemo Casting In Civil War

Spanish born, German actor Daniel Bruhl, known for numerous western roles including Inglorius Basterds and Rush, has officially been cast as Baron Zemo, something he himself confirmed during an interview with The Independent. It has been long suspected that Bruhl was going to be vast as Baron Zemo, who for those unfamiliar is a character who […]