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PREVIEW: Star Slammers: Re-mastered! #7

PREVIEW: Star Slammers: Re-mastered! #7 Walter Simonson (w & a & c) Walter Simonson’s classic tale continues! The Starship Meredith is cranked up to nearly light speed, and is taking aim at the heart of the Empire in a suicide mission that looks to put an end to any number of promising careers, our hero’s […]

PREVIEW: Rogue Trooper Classics #6 (of 8)

Rogue Trooper Classics #6 (of 8)   Gerry Finley-Day (w) • Brett Ewins, Eric Bradbury, Cam Kennedy, Colin Wilson (a) • John McCrea (c)   The adventures of the only surviving Genetic Infantryman continue! In this issue, take in the finale of “Bagman Blues,” meet the oddball “Body Looters,” and begin the epic “All Hell […]

Preview: Popeye Classics #27

Popeye Classics #27 Bud Sagendorf (w & a & c) This issue contains the single most bizarre, funny, surreal and outright weird story of the entire run of Popeye comic books!  Wait until you read, “Thimble Theatre Presents Popeye in a Dismal, Distressing and Doleful Story entitled ‘The Happy Little Island!’ ” Cast of characters: Popeye, […]