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Review: Ody-C #7

Ody-C #7 proves to be another dense instalment for the series. It’s frustrating to see a truly interesting take on The Odyssey- with a whole host of compelling themes and characters to explore- get lost in translation, especially when the art work is as sublime as it is. After another challenging read, throw us a bone and bring back our girl Odyssia.

Review: Ody-C #6

This series very much caters to scholars, enthusiasts and those well-versed in classic mythology while slightly alienating anyone who isn’t. While the dialogue attempts to explore the nuances of this gender-swapping interpretation of classic texts, the visuals certainly continue to be what drives the reader to continue and convey that which the dialogue often can’t. A challenging read, here’s hoping Ody-C #7 reunites us with our eponymous hero and is a little easier to digest.

Review: Ody-C #3

There are many great qualities about Ody-C; the gender-switch is a refreshing interpretation that provides a nuanced and challenging reading of such an important, well-known text. The narration and plot, however, can be murky and difficult to follow, drowned out by Ward’s exquisite art work. The second half of the comic is when Ody-C truly comes into its own, suggesting that the comics’ success lies in the messy carnage and action.

Review: Ody-C #1

Odyssia is a bold and intriguing character that will hopefully evolve throughout her immense journey, and it is exciting to consider what aspects of the original tale Fraction will include or deviate in this surreal hyper-reality. Ody-C is a promising new title ideal for lovers of the Classics and comics about girls who run the world and think nothing of it.