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“Outcast” #2 Review: Scary Good

Good evening gang and welcome back to another knee knocking, spine tingling and nerve shredding journey into the world of horror comics. Grab your torch and snack pack and join me as I review …”From Behind the Couch” This week I’m looking at Image Comics, “Outcast” #2 from the creative mind of Robert Kirkman and […]

Afterlife with Archie

Hello, guys and ghouls and welcome back to another little nugget of horror…”From Behind the Couch”. This week’s subtitle is…”Tears for Fears”…no…not the 80’s, new wave, pop sensations, something very different. Allow me to explain. You read comics, books, listen to music and watch movies for many different reasons. Escapism, for fun, to be inspired, […]

Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht

Welcome to another nerve jangling edition of …”From behind the Couch”. This week I struggled to focus on something to write about, I was considering doing something about classic monsters like, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Mummy, etc. and how they are represented in the Marvel and DC worlds, (I’ll come back to that I think), […]