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Review: Samurai Jack #11

Samurai Jack in the early 2000’s was a pinnacle of the Cartoon Network prime-time slots. A fun show about a Samurai trained by the best warriors literacy and history could create – from Robin Hood to Genghis Khan – trying to rid the world of the demon Aku. A pretty standard premise until the twist was revealed in which Jack was sent to the future to destroy Aku’s new empire that governed the world, and to prevent any attacks Aku could throw back in time. Samurai Jack #11 helps re-introduce this concept in the first page and makes it instantly accessible to any reader, be they old fans of the show or younger/new readers.

Review: Doberman #2

The last time we saw Frank ‘Doberman’ Doberano, he had left the Los Angeles Police Department after his partner Hawk was killed in a botched drug bust, and had headed north to the Canadian wilderness. His sense of the law remained too strong, though, and when he made the national headlines by single-handedly breaking up a Canadian prostitution ring, his old Chief recognised Doberman’s M.O. and hunted him down.

Anderson PSI Division #1

Review: Anderson PSI Division #1

There has always been an intrinsic problem with Cassandra Anderson for me and that’s what is she for? Is she supposed to be the Everyman eyes through which we could see Dredd in a softer way? A voice to allow us, through Cass, to chastise Dredd and his extremes? Is she the emotional outlet for the writers of Mega City allowing them more scope than Joe and his one note world view? Or is she just a bit of eye-candy, a damsel in distress in need of rescue?

The Squidder

H.P. Lovecraft meets Mad Max in The Squidder #1

I don’t know about you, but I always find myself somewhat in awe when I see just one name on the cover of a comic book. For one person to have the singular vision to carry the entirety of a project alone seems to me like the most wonderful kind of creative madness. And so it is here, with seven time Eisner nominee and Eagle Award winner Ben (30 Days of Night) Templesmith’s new post apocalyptic epic for IDW, The Squidder.