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Review: Rumble #4

Another month passes and with Rumble #4 the plot begins to thicken once again, as new secrets are revealed and hilarity ensues. For those of you still on the catch up, have no fear as the pacing and content within this issue still puts forward the series main story and character relationships however you will not be privy to a few back-stories and exchanges contained in the previous three issues of Rumble.

PREVIEW: Rumble #2

Last week, Bobby LaRosa was miserable—miserable with his dead-end job, his callous ex-girlfriend, and his lazy, loser skinhead buddy. This week, it’s all sword-swinging scarecrows, guts-dripping demons, a giant bog mummy, and six headed monsters! Right now, last week’s not looking too bad. You get some answers, more questions, and a whole lot of crazy in the second issue of RUMBLE.