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Review: East of West #19

With East of West pressing further on into the “The Apocalypse: Year Two” the second part of this post apocalyptic series continuing onwards, the focus now shifts to a smaller scale: to the duo of Babylon and Balloon, rather than the intense multi-plotted structure experienced throughout the majority of the series.

Review: The Manhattan Projects (Vol. 2) #1

The first issue of The Manhattan Projects is a peculiar and at times challenging read; however, the scope and ambition of such a bold, berserk series is enough to trust that Hickman and Pitarra have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and make this series worth sticking with. When it comes to The Manhattan Projects, the possibilities seem limitless.

PREVIEW: The Manhattan Projects:The Sun Beyond The Stars #1

“MAN IN SPACE” Only when he’s lost in space does the great Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, find his true calling. THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS is back with all new stories told in a brand-new format. The greatest FEEL GOOD, BAD SCIENCE book in the long history of man returns in THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS: THE SUN BEYOND THE STARS.