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Review: Ody-C #7

Ody-C #7 proves to be another dense instalment for the series. It’s frustrating to see a truly interesting take on The Odyssey- with a whole host of compelling themes and characters to explore- get lost in translation, especially when the art work is as sublime as it is. After another challenging read, throw us a bone and bring back our girl Odyssia.

Review: Ody-C #6

This series very much caters to scholars, enthusiasts and those well-versed in classic mythology while slightly alienating anyone who isn’t. While the dialogue attempts to explore the nuances of this gender-swapping interpretation of classic texts, the visuals certainly continue to be what drives the reader to continue and convey that which the dialogue often can’t. A challenging read, here’s hoping Ody-C #7 reunites us with our eponymous hero and is a little easier to digest.

Review: Casanova: Acedia #2

Fraction and Moon have started to hit their stride in Casanova: Acedia #2; the characters and the evoking the mind-blowing and compelling qualities of previous Casanova outings, which is promising. With nuanced art work, sharp, economical dialogue and a rich plot about to unfold, Casanova: Acedia is an engaging and entertaining story of identity, espionage and demons.

Review: Ody-C #3

There are many great qualities about Ody-C; the gender-switch is a refreshing interpretation that provides a nuanced and challenging reading of such an important, well-known text. The narration and plot, however, can be murky and difficult to follow, drowned out by Ward’s exquisite art work. The second half of the comic is when Ody-C truly comes into its own, suggesting that the comics’ success lies in the messy carnage and action.