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Review: Reyn #5

Reyn #5 proves to be another stellar instalment of an entertaining and well-made series; funny, fast-paced and excellently illustrated, Reyn has much potential and has been fairly consistent in quality throughout its run. There are a few aspects that will arguably improve in the next issues- when the group’s current location and objective change- but this reader is excited to wait it out and enjoy the ride.

Review: Reyn #2

Reyn may not be a ground-breaking title bringing something new to the fantasy genre, and aside from Reyn’s stellar one-liners, the pedestrian dialogue does not make for compelling reading. The action scenes, however, are beautifully executed, the protagonists are likeable and the story arc as a whole does have potential. The elaborate combat scenes may have little substance, but this issue establishes Reyn as fun, entertaining- if slightly pedestrian- fantasy.