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REVIEW: Revolution # 2

  Publisher: IDW Story: John Barber and Cullen Bunn Art : Fico Ossio Colors: Sebastion Cheng Letters: Tom B. Long Edited: David Hedgecock Editor – in – Chief: Chris Ryall Publisher: Ted Adams   Revolution brings together some of IDW’s biggest franchises such as Transformers and G.I. Joe. Placing them alongside lesser known titles such as […]

Review: Sin Eater #1

Sin Eater #1 Follows, reluctant young sin eater who eats the evil within people so they may rest in peace, but in a town frenzied with witch hunts is she safe? Can she live with the evil poisoning her so that others may have access to heaven?

Review: Hollow Girl

Kat is Hollow, she feels nothing – not even when she murders her own parents. Such a void leaves a person open to others that may wish to inhabit that empty space, and Kat ismore than willing to let the tormented souls use her to get some retribution on those that wronged them.