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Review: Deadly Class #9

“We are dragged back to Marcus’ attempt to bring down his nemesis, while at the same time, deciding which girl he wants to give his awkward teenage love to, oh and there’s a bit where they go to a rock concert. I mean, of course there’s a bit where they go to a concert. That’s what people did in the 80s; they plotted murder, then they went to a concert and moshed. Ask your mum.”

Review: Trees #7

Like its namesake, the story takes its time to grow, roots connecting with other character acts and developments, on the way to a singular connective endpoint. In short: Trees is series of microcosms based around a character reacting to the wake of gigantic tree-esque organisms that have infested the earth. Governments collapsed, new ones took form, cities were largely destroyed or became husks. There is no counting to what happened to every tree-site yet, but so far the negatives outweigh the positives for humanity.