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Preview: Kings Watch Tpb

Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and Mandrake the Magician are together again… for the first time! When strange phenomena fill the skies and all humanity shares the same nightmarish vision, three iconic heroes rush headlong into danger to save us all!

Preview: Warlord of Mars Volume 4 Tpb

All of Mars is united under John Carter, but forces behind the scenes are plotting to tear the Red Planet apart. A conspiracy threatens to trigger all-out war between the Red Martians and the savage Green hordes can Carter’s most steadfast ally, the mighty Tars Tarkas, overcome his own bestial urges and save the planet?

Preview: Legends of Red Sonja Vol. 1 Tpb

A group of savage mercenaries hired to hunt and kill Sonja come across campfire tales of her at every turn, and Sonja does NOT like to be hunted.