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KINKER KORNER: Top 54 Fights In Comics Part Two #39-30

ROUND TWO……FIGHT! Back once again for the renegade master it’s Kinker Korner starting fights and kicking arses. Or making blogs about comics, whatever works for you. Thanks again to my good old chum Scotty Farquharson for the request so let’s “get yer dukes up” and protect yourself at all times. Let’s do this, starting with […]

Wolverine 3 On Target For R Rating

As expected from the weekend success of 20th Century Fox’s “Deadpool” the studio are apparently keen on releasing more films with an R rating. Starting with the highly anticipated third outing for fan favourite X-Men character Wolverine. This was revealed at the recent Toy Fair 2016 where Fox showed interest in portraying the character in […]