Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Amazing Adventures #6

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Story: Peter Dicicco

Art: Chad Thomas

Backup Story: Fabian Rangel and Billy Martin

Colours: Heather Breckel

Letters: Shawn Lee

Edits: Bobby Curnow

Back when I reviewed issue 1 and 2 of Amazing Adventures I was hugely optimistic about where the series was going. It seemed as though the shackles on the writers had been released and they were free to write stories that deviated from it’s companion tv show. Not only that, the creative team were actually using that freedom to write interesting stories that didn’t pander and patronise to it’s predominantly younger readership. Then issue 3 came around and that seemed to disappear with a new creative team and I hoped that it was just a blip and normal service would resume thereafter.

Well here we are on issue 6 and I’m sorry to say that the initial promise set by the first two issues seems to have been for naught as we are still getting a diet version of the show and it’s reminding me quite a bit of the TMNT comics by Archie in the 90s. Throwaway stories with no real substance that I can’t see anyone other than children getting anything from. Yes I understand that the comic is essentially for kids but there’s a way of making kids entertainment enjoyable to fans of all ages, look at Pixar for instance…..OR THE DAMN TURTLES TV SHOW!. Like I was mentioning earlier this kind of kids entertainment doesn’t patronise and gives us something kids of all ages can enjoy. In this issue we have Leonardo late for battle because he was having a tea party with a little girl in her bedroom…..OK, then he gets the wee girl involved in ensuing battle with Tiger Claw and Baxter Stockman. Not to be a pedant but does the writer understand the characters at all? Leo is the one character that would never do this, he would be up in arms if Mikey or Raph did that. I know it might seem a whole lot of nothing but these things matter, you’re asking fans to fork over money in these trying times so the least you can do is respect the source material.

Moaning aside, the art from Chad Thomas is EXCELLENT, it really captures the feel and atmosphere of the show while putting his own spin on things. There’s a page that shows the Turtles battling Tiger Claw over an apartment building that is just wonderful and full of expressiveness. So if nothing else then at least the comic is really nice to look at. As usual there’s a backup issue that is actually meant to be just a fun piece of filler and works well in that capacity with some nice artwork and a fun little story about The Turtles taking on The purple Dragons in an arcade including a Dance Dance Revolution style dance off that Mikey particularly excels at. Fun stuff.

It pains me to be negative as I’m usually willing to see the benefits in everything I read but it’s getting frustrating now to see a series with such promise and great art fall into the “it’s just for kids” throwaway category. Maybe I’m being a little sensitive as it’s a franchise that I love deeply but hey….it’s my review so you get my opinion.