The Final Batman vs Superman Trailer Has Arrived

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This IS Batman!


With Batman vs Superman barely over a month away, I still remember the announcement of it at comic con and can’t believe it’s finally here, it seems that Batman vs Superman had a final trailer to release. The final trailer focuses almost entirely on Batman and there is no other word for it but amazing. We are finally getting an on-screen Batman that looks exactly like you are playing one of the Arkham Games. This is a Batman who can take out entire rooms of guys with no difficulty and is the man who can take on a god. Check it out below:

“Ben Affleck is gonna suck as Batman” has been all I’ve heard for the last 2 years and I’ve always defended the choice from the very start and this trailer proves that I Was 100% RIGHT. Ben Affleck in this trailer IS Batman.

Now I’m very aware that trailers can be very misleading, take Iron Man 3, the trailer is amazing but the movie sucked. With Batman vs Superman however, particularly with Batman that just can’t be the case. The trailer showcases the Dark Knight and shows him to be incredibly powerful and the embodiment of a living comic book character.


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Like all comic book movies we still have to approach this one the same way by lowering your expectations. Sadly there is no other way to enjoy a comic book movie anymore but we can probably say for certain that no one is going to come out of BvS and go “well that was boring”.

What did you make of the trailer? Has it peaked your excitement for the movie? If you were still on the fence about Ben Affleck how are you now? Let us know all your thoughts down below or on Facebook/Twitter. As always thanks for reading and for all the latest news, reviews and awesome stuff be sure to keep checking back with the BGCP.