Kickstarter: The Grime

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The Grime is a Horror Anthology dredged from the depths of the local talented James McCullochMusician, writer and general social butterfly, James has infected contacts from around the UK and somehow convinced them he knows what he is doing.
Writer behind City of Lost Souls, he has already proven himself a competent horror creator pulling in attention from the likes of Pat Mills (Slaine, Requiem Vampire Knight) and now he want’s to spread his contagion further.

What could be better than backing a home grown comic Kickstarter?

Backing one that is affordable and pulls in a host of established UK talent as well as aiming to draw in new unpublished people every issue.

Inspired by the likes of 2000 AD collecting stories from a host of creators  The Grime gathers writers such as :

Chris Welsh (Wart)
Tom Ward (Merrick the sensational Elephant Man)
James McCulloch (City of lost souls)
Dave Cook (Bust)
Lizzie Boyle (Cross, Sentient Zombie Space Pigs)

And artists including :

Conor Boyle (Sentient Zombie Space Pigs, On Dangerous Ground: Bannockburn 1314)
Dan Charnley
(Tracks in the Snow, Hel.Hunter, The Box)
Janine Van Moosel
(City of Lost Souls, Thirteen, The Rot, Untitled)
Bekah Withers
(How To Kill Bears)
Kevin Allen
(Graphic designer)
Garry Robertson
(fan artist and Inker)
Maxwell Hewat
(Tattoo artist)

This anthology is keen to leave you feeling dirty, with the emphasis on horror not gore. It is also good to note that they really want to encourage and support up and coming talent on each issue (hence collecting artists from other walks such as Maxwell and Kevin, and pulling in newcomers such as one of BGCP’s favorites Garry). This is definitely one for the horror lovers!

You can back the Grime Kickstarter here for as little as £1 and the upper end is hardly bank breaking at £25 (which gets you a host of goodies for your cash). Don’t make James beg, he last thing you need is a 6’7” Giant tattooed man crying on you.


We thoroughly recommend watching the long rambling video which sees James being delightfully weird, and the comments in the rewards section of the kickstarter are rather amusing.