War, what is it good for? Actually quite a lot.

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With the announcement of Avengers 3 being what fans have been wanting for some time, Thanos kicking ass and taking names, Infinity War! Being a huge Thanos fan myself, I would have rather preferred Infinity Gauntlet as the title if I am being honest, due to the nature of the Infinity War story.

The Infinity War takes place after Infinity Gauntlet, with Thanos having had his chance at omnipotence and the remaining combined heroes and cosmic deities managing to remove the threat of the Infinity Gauntlet. Infinity War has the future dark Adam Warlock, Magus collecting cosmic cubes and different universe’s equivalent of cosmic cubes. This was the first event that placed prune face as the anti-hero for the first time, but also being a secret member of Warlock’s Infinity Watch, a group assembled with the sole responsibility of ensuring the safety of the Infinity Gems.



Maybe I’m being too judgmental in the title of this movie, the title for Avengers 2 is Age of Ultron after all, the name for Marvel’s event where Ultron rules earth in the future. So do I forgive Marvel for the change in title? Am I “spitting the dummy”? Yes.

As a comic book fan I despise when movie studios change major details from the original material, like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man for example, Gwen wasn’t introduced until Peter was with Mary Jane. I know that comic book history isn’t the easiest to understand, no doubt I’ll confuse myself at one point or another with it all. Say down the line Marvel introduce Magus and have something along the lines of the Infinity War story, what do they call it? Rise of Magus?! It may seem like nitpicking but it takes away from the comic. Then you have the cinema going crowd, ones that don’t read or know the comics, if Infinity War is following the Infinity Gauntlet story, you’ll have people only know that Thanos collected all the Gems in Infinity War. (How many times can a guy say Infinity?!)

With Infinity War being split into two parts, it’s safe to say that at the end of part one that Thanos will be in possession of the Infinity GEMS. (I’ll be calling them Gems, you can shove your stones!)

So will Thanos wipe out half of the Universe? With the number of heroes in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe being only a handful right now and Phase 3 mainly focusing on introducing more characters it’s looks like it may not happen. If Marvel had more characters at their disposal then I would like to see it happen, maybe have the bigger characters removed leaving the C-listers to save the day. With the Avengers lineup increasing with Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Vision, maybe Infinity War will be their chance to take charge.

A whole new meaning of "hitting the fan".

A whole new meaning of “hitting the fan”.

The main problem with Marvel’s lineup for Phase 3 has to be the timing of  Captain Marvel and Inhumans being placed in the middle of the two parts of Infinity War. Obviously Marvel have a plan and it’s been perfect so far, maybe the characters will have an after credit scene in Infinity War Part One linking the Inhumans and Captain Marvel to them appearing in Part Two, with their “origin” story being the two respective movies.