Nelson’s Column: So what’s up with Ultron?

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So by now, I’m guessing you’ve all seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. And wasn’t it frigging awesome? For those of you that haven’t, here it is. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, in this instalment, I’m going to be dissecting it and offer up some analysis, as well as some predictions of possible things that may happen/be built up in the film. (ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS DROPPED) Before we get to that though, I’m going to be laying out the current state of the MCU, to see if that offers any more clues as to what the hell is going on right now.


At the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as its Agents of SHIELD tie-in episodes, we see SHIELD all but destroyed. Nick Fury has faked his death and is in hiding from the government, Maria Hill now works for Tony Stark, and HYDRA now controls around half of the ex-SHIELD bases around the world. Captain America is now disillusioned with service to the government, seeing as according to Arnim Zola, SHIELD was a HYDRA front all along (it’s just that not everyone working for them even knew this). Agent Coulson and his team are also on the run, but in a more “Let’s carry on doing the job we thought we were in the first place” kind of way.


I hope those Helicarriers were insured.

They have stolen a Quinjet from a SHIELD base currently under US Army control, and to be honest, most of the SHIELD’s job seems to be now under Army jurisdiction. The artefacts and technology that SHIELD had in its bases are now scattered thanks to HYDRA’s unveiling, and Coulson and his team are trying to stop them falling into the wrong hands. The Army is trying to obtain them for, no doubt, military R’n’D. All the while there are also HYDRA agents trying to get them too. And also the Girl in the Flower Dress and whoever her boss is.

The US Army division charged with chasing down the scattered artifacts, HYDRA agents and SHIELD agents (for all they know, they could be one and the same), is headed by Glenn Talbot. Readers of the comics will recognise this name, as he has commonly been found across the decades chasing the Hulk with tanks.

We also learn that Bucky didn’t die, and was instead being cryogenically preserved and occasionally defrosted, brainwashed and being sent on missions to assassinate people. He’s better now, but needs some time to think (and does so by trying to regain some of his memories at the Captain America museum).

Coulson, after finding out he was resurrected using some unnecessarily vague technique involving a blue alien corpse, is having these weird visions, which are almost like possessions. He sorta spaces out and has to write down what he sees. It’s not in any language from Earth though… (more on this in a future instalment!)

Other hanging plot threads from the other areas of the MCU are: Loki is on the throne of Asgard, but he’s pretending to be Odin, so nobody actually knows; Star-Lord is only half human, and nobody knows what race his father was; Iron Man has *supposedly* given up wearing the suit, instead choosing to just build things.

Oh and then we have the Infinity Stones. At the end of Thor: The Dark World, the Collector was given The Aether, the Nova Corps have The Orb, and the Tesseract is in Asgard (with the Gauntlet…).

Now we’re all up to date (at time of writing, anyway) on to the Age of Ultron trailer.