Will Cable be in X-Men: Apocalypse?

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Good evening true believers and welcome to another Mar-Vell’s Musings, I’ve been a huge fan of Cable going back to the 90’s X-Men animated series, one major thing I’ve been annoyed with is the characters non-inclusion of the X-Men movies, but is that problem going to be resolved soon?

Last year when the title of the next X-Men film was announced as “Apocalypse”, the only way I can put it nicely without using explicit language is, I freaked out. Apocalypse being my second favourite Marvel villain (no offence Big A!) and finally getting to see the character portrayed on the big screen is a dream since watching the 90’s X-Men animated series. Once I got into comics I gravitated towards characters I knew, one story in particular was one with the character in the title, Age of Apocalypse. From there I expanded to other stories and found that wherever Apocalypse is, there is one character that has dedicated his life to stopping the tyrannical mutant, none other than Cable.


Cable X Sanction

For those not familiar with Cable’s origin here is the brief version, he is the child of Madelyne Pryor (who was a clone of Jean Grey) and Scott Summers, after the original five X-Men reformed under the name X-Factor and had ran into Apocalypse a few times. Apocalypse could see the potential for Nathan Summers (Cable) to be a threat to him, this resulted in Nathan being infect with the T/O virus and with his only salvation of being sent into the future to help contain it, he was sent off to into the future where none other than Apocalypse was the ruler of the world. Nathan then dedicated his life to going to the past to stop the rise of Apocalypse there to stop the future that he was raised in.

So now you can see why, to me, this would be the perfect opertunity to introduce Cable into the X-Men franchise. With the “original” X-Men movie timeline now being altered due to Days of Future Past, with Scott and Jean now alive this has to be the time to introduce him.

The movie no doubt will be centring on the cast of First Class/Days of Future Past, to do another movie where they are battling on two separate points on the timeline would be ridiculous. Though there’s a dark part of me that wants to see some kind of Age of Apocalypse/altered timeline/future. So the movie will probably be based on the “rise” of Apocalypse, ruling the world under the Darwinism, with the X-Men fighting against him to prevent Apocalypse from possibly wiping out humans.

Allow me to run off topic for one minute, one concept I’d love to see happen is Wolverine still having bone claws and Apocalypse manipulating him to be his Horseman of Death to get adamantium claws again, look in the comics people, it happened!

Back on subject now, maybe they could have Cable be in the background of multiple scenes throughout the movie and have him “bodyslide” the X-Men out of danger, thus allowing them to tell Cable’s story. Through introducing Cable this would allow Fox to release an X-Force movie, if they want to go with the concept of well established characters such as Wolverine and Deadpool or for him to take the New Mutants team under his wing.