Wolverine 3 Hires Green Lantern Movie Writer?

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Why would you hire the guy who did Green Lantern?

It recently came to light that Hugh Jackman would be giving up his role as Wolverine, sad news to many fans but totally understandable given his age and the amount of work it takes for him to get into shape for the role. However if this was going to be his last outing of Wolverine they at least had to let him go out with a bang, But will that be the case

According to a report by The Wrap former Green Lantern writer Michael Green (weird name coincidence for guy that wrote Green Lantern) is set to pen the script alongside director James Manhood.

Michael Green’s Green Lantern script was undoubtedly terrible however it was co-written with 3 other writers but the question is who came up with most of the bad ideas? There is no real way to know who was responsible for the terrible solo outing of Green Lantern, There may be some hope for fans though as Michael Green  has gone on to revise the script for Prometheus 2 and also co-writing the Blade Runner sequel script with original writers Hampton Fancher. So who knows maybe Michael Green was responsible  for some of the rare good moments in the movie?

So what do you make of Michael Green penning Wolverine 3? Has this made you lose confidence in the movie? Will Hugh Jackman’s final outing send him out with a bang or a fizzle? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

The third and final Wolverine movie outing starring Hugh Jackman is set to hit theatres in March out 2017. For all future updates don’t forget to keep checking back with The Big Glasgow Comic Page