X-men: Apocalypse casts new Jean Grey, Storm and Cyclops


It was just announced via twitter that the upcoming movie X-men: Apocalypse movie has cast it’s 3 younger versions of Jean Grey, Storm and Cyclops. The roles have been filled by Sophie Turner(Game of Thrones) Alexandra Shipp(House of Anubis) and Tye Sheridan (Mud) respectively.


Meet the new Halle Berry, James Marsden and Famke Janssen.

The announcement was made directly by director Bryan Singer on his twitter with a simple:

“Meet our new and brilliant young mutants”

While we’re sure many X-men fans would have loved to somehow see the original 3 back in the roles giving them to new, younger actors was probably the more sensible choice from a film making/writing/budget perspective. This casting news also represents a complete reboot of sorts of the franchise with new actors filling the roles of every major character in the 2001 X-men film, with the exception of wolverine.

The upcoming X-men: Apocalypse film is due to start shooting in Canada in April with a current release date of May 2016. Just year to create an entire film with the potential epic proportions of X-men: Apocalypse seems rather short and we may see the release date get pushed back a little. However given the truly hectic schedule of the 2016 movie calendar if delays do happen we may not get to see the next X-men installment until the slightly quieter 2017 but we’re sure Fox will push it to hit it’s mark. No matter when we see the movie it will be great to see the X-men taking on a villain the calibre of Apocalypse.

So what do we make of this casting news? Are you sad to see the last of the originals go or are you glad to see younger actors in the roles? Are you still looking forward to the film? Let us know below or on Facebook.

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