Zach Snyder Releases Official Trailer Early Due To Leak

Check Out The Full Offical Teaser For Batman vs Superman

batman vs superman

Sometimes we will take a while to introduce a story but right now that’s not needed. Due to yesterdays leak Zach Snyder has just released the full official teaser online, check it out:

Thanks to the frankly shocking leak that occured yesterday it appears that Zach Snyder and Warner brothers has no option but to release the Batman vs Superman trailer a few days before it’s intended release on the 20th of April. We still don’t know why Warner Brothers appeared to show the trailer to people in Brazil days before the rest of the world and why nobody on the security staff noticed someone filming and it’s doubtful we will ever know why either of these things happened.

Warner still have plans in place to do an Imax version of the trailer release which will contain more footage and some details from director himself Zach Snyder. Plans for this seem to still be in place despite yesterdays leak and todays official trailer release.

batman vs superman

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is released in less than a years time world wide so there is not a lot of time left to see these two giant cultural icons crossover.

So what did you make of the trailer, good or bad? Did you watch the terrible qulity leaked trailer or were you waiting until monday? Let us know your thoughts below or on Facebook/Twitter. For everything else Batman vs Superman related keep checking back with The Big Glasgow Comic Page.